The service is built and provided through the link between the telecommunications company's intelligence network system and JYES' RBT & wired platform. Based on this, we are working with 3 telecommunication companies (KT, SKT, LG U+) to operate additional wireless and wireless communication services. It also provides services on mobile through JSAM and Bizring, a wireless and integrated text messaging service, and a bizring.
  • Store's information message

This is a message marketing service that sends business information and coupons to your mobile phone through MMS/SMS messages when a mobile phone user calls a business or company that subscribes to the service. This service is recommended to restaurants with many customer calls, such as delivery orders, reservations, and menu inquiries, real estate, announcements, and events that require information.

  • JSAM(Wireless and integrated text messaging service)

It is a service that automatically sends the set promotional text messages through APP when the charges come through a regular phone or mobile phone, and group promotional text messages can be sent to major customers. You can produce contents such as business cards/promotions as you like, and you can send free group text. This service is recommended to self-employed people, small business owners, sales and sales workers, and institutions/organizations/election/clubs who are important in customer management.

  • RingoBiz

It is a service that produces promotional phrases suitable for small businesses and businesses that use wired and Internet telephones and sends them to customers through a call connection. This service is recommended for easily announce your business hours or, expressing the individuality of the store or, businesses that need simple promotional methods.

  • Bizring

It is a mobile marketing service that produces and registers promotional phrases of small businesses and companies as music contents and sends them to customers' mobile phones by coloring. This service is recommended for people who work in jobs with many phone calls such as insurance, salespeople, and real estate.
We have big data analysis technology and big data platform, and based on this, we develop and provide various services according to the customer's environment and needs.
  • IoT Integrated Operations Management Forecast

By collecting information from various IoT devices and using big data Daisy solutions, we provide big data-based integrated operational management forecasting services that can predict and forecast various situations through reproduction and management of information. Through the optimization of Hadoop and Daisy-based big data solutions, real-time data can be expressed using various prediction and forecast algorithms, which can be applied to disaster and disaster areas such as fire and fire.

  • PHR Healthcare Forecast Analysis

Through cooperation with public institutions and companies, we develop and provide "big data-based PHR health management predictive analysis big data services." A variety of health-related risk factors (such as asthma attacks, cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, etc.) can be predicted.

  • Visualize Big Data

Based on big data open source, government R&D projects are developed and provided with "Mixed Visualization Cavas Platform for Big Data Expression" using Hadoop and html5 Canvas technology. It can be provided in various forms according to the customer's request.

We provide 0502 secure number service to prevent personal information leakage by converting mobile phone number to exclusive secure number and delivering it to business operators. For polling and research purposes, we operate a virtual number service that converts and provides numbers requested by political parties and businesses into virtual numbers to prevent personal information leakage.
  • 0502 Safe number

Instead of actual phone numbers, we issue virtual phone numbers that can be used to send calls and text messages for a certain period of time to protect personal information from spam and voice phishing caused by unwanted phone numbers.

  • 0501 Virtual Number

We operate a service that prevents personal information leakage by converting and providing phone numbers requested by political parties and companies to virtual numbers.

  • Safe number SOHO

For small and medium-sized businesses and SOHO operators who want to use the secure number, we have developed and provided the secure number infrastructure and service platform in ASP or SaaS format.

Based on various research and development experiences in the cloud sector, consulting services are provided to public institutions and businesses, and CSB businesses, which is a service relay between cloud service companies and users, and forge X platform based on Cloud Open Paas.
  • Cloud Consulting

We're working on a variety of system deployment consulting, including IaaS, PaaS, and Private Cloud, as well as providing Legacy System's cloud transformation and environmental improvement consulting. ※ Consulting about 60 public institutions and organizations is provided.

  • CSB(Cloud Service Brokerage) Business

We're doing business to relay cloud services (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/BaaS) between cloud providers and users, including Amazon, Google, MS, and Hostway.

  • PorgeX Cloud Platform Build/Develop

Based on Cloud Open PaaS, ForgeX is an integrated platform that provides the necessary infrastructure, middleware, and backend as a service (BaaS) for software build, test, run, and development such as Web, Mobile, SaaS. ※ Supply and provide platforms such as the Ministry of National Defense Mega Center and the Ministry of Science and ICT Cloud Innovation Center.

Based on various customer consultation data, we provide overall consulting and marketing services related to CS centers, including wired and wireless product consultation, consultation quality analysis, and various reports through professional personnel. In addition, KT Telecop's professional agency provides various security services (unmanned crime prevention, video security, building management, etc.) in various ways.
  • CS Marketing & Operations

Through CS center operation, various products can be marketed and managed by customers.

  • CRM & CS Consulting

We provide consulting services for CS center construction and customer management by utilizing various CS operation experiences and consultation DB.

  • KT Telecop Security Service

Provides integrated store/business/home security services. I recommend it to customers who need 24-hour dispatch and compensation services and various control services.

It is a differentiated overseas purchasing agency service that can only be found in JYES. We purchase items from Chinese and foreign shopping malls, global hot items, and luxury goods faster and safer than anyone else.
  • Chiyes

China's various products quickly and safely! You can meet a differentiated Chinese purchasing agency service.

  • Lux Milano

Reliable luxury goods. a competitive price. Quick Delivery System. Items purchased at boutiques, outlets, and stores in Europe will be delivered as differentiated services. Now meet the luxurious global trend at Luxmilano.